About my house concerts

I’ve been hosting house concerts first in Sunnyvale, and then in San Francisco, California since 2002. Over the course of 50 shows, I’ve had the good fortune of having some of my favourite musicians play in my living room.

As of summer 2012, this series is now based in Brooklyn, New York.

Frequently asked questions

So what is a house concert, anyway?
It’s a wonderful way to experience music. You hear an acoustic sound in an intimate setting. There’s no smoke, no drunks, and no obnoxious suits.
Will there be house music?
Is this a house party?
Is this a “house series”?
Where is the concert?
In my living room. Really.
How many people come to these shows?
Usually about 25.
When should I arrive?
Arrive somewhere between 30 minutes and 5 minutes before the show starts. If you’re late, don’t ring the bell; call, and I’ll let you in.
What time does the show end?
The performance last for two hours. You are encouraged to stick around after and mingle (and eat dessert).
Is the food vegan?
Sorry, no. The cake’s got eggs in it. And milk.
What about parking?
Who drives in New York? Well, there is some street parking nearby. There are also parking garages.
What if I don’t have a car?
My apartment is easily accessible from the 2/3/4/5 (Nevins), 2/3/4/5/B/D/N/R (Atlantic Avenue—Barclays Center) and A/C/G (Hoyt-Schermerhorn) trains.
Do you have pets?
Yes -- I have an awesome Blue Heeler named Shooter. Sadly, once again, no. No. Yes -- I have an awesome Blue Heeler named Nigel.
Can I bring my pet?
Can I smoke in your house?
Should I take my shoes off?
Sure, if you want to.
Will there be dancing?
Nope. But I wouldn’t stop you if you tried (assuming you could find room).
May I take pictures?
Yes, but please keep flash photography to a minimum.
May I record the show?
That’s fine with me; check with the performer beforehand.
Is there an age requirement?
People of any age are welcome. However, it’s important that everyone remain quiet throughout the performance. If you plan to bring young children, talk to me beforehand.
Can I blog about this concert?
How much are the shows?
The suggested contribution is $15, but you are welcome to give more.
Who gets the money?
The performer. Every cent.
Will there be CDs and merch for sale?
Who should I bring?
Bring a friend! Bring a date! Bring your Mom! Bring all three!
What should I bring?
Drinks and snacks will be provided, but if you’d like to bring something to share, I’d be really grateful.
Anything else I should know?
Please turn off the ringer on your cell phone.

Other house concerts

If you’re interested in finding a house concert in another area or hosting your own show, check out houseconcerts.org, houseconcerts.com, Russ & Julie’s House Concerts, Concerts in Your Home and the HouseConcert Yahoo Group.

Alan Bershaw wrote a history of the living room tour for the Everyday Angels mailing list a while back. Meredith Tarr and Woj run a living room concert series in New Haven, Connecticut.

House concerts in the San Francisco bay area

About me

Do you play any instruments?
Dear lord, no!
Did you take those pictures?
The ones on the web site?
Which ones?
The ones on my wall.
Who are you?
I’m Paul Schreiber.

About the web site

I rebuilt this site in Rails 4.2.10. Some of the other bits are still true.

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